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Weird dreams

I‘ve been having weird dream all the time, since I’ve moved to Auckland, I relies that I dream every night but because I don’t have to get up at 6:30am for work anymore I remember them all and the dreams seem to go longer, which is good I love to dream as long as it not a washed ones.

The dream I woke up from (it’s in three parts) today was Nick and I were hanging out in this room it look like a big office big with a stand up desk , Nick got a phone call once he hung up the phone he look fully made, and say to me don’t let them take me.
I got this feeling that I few big guy were going to come over to mess him up so I took my glasses off and prepared myself for a huge fight, next thing I know three small girls come they only looked 17, and they were try to kidnap Nick and take him to Canada so I stood in between Nick and the three girls so they could not take him away to Canada. (thats all I remember of the first part)

Part two of the dream was that Nick and I were in this huge room filled with people who were staying there, I knew this because they all had there pillows and sleeping bags with them, Nick and I were walking around talking to people, all the people in the room were people I have known from my pasted, I was talking to this Maori girl I knew from primary school and Nick head off to get a tattoo, I was talking to the girl for a while then Nick come back with a colourful Maori tattoo on his chin (Moko I think it’s called) and the Maori girl become angry that Nick got this sacred Maori tattoo and the fact that it was in three different colours too. (thats all I remember of the part two)

Part three of the dream, I was at Arborline (Ha!) and I was working my ass off and I got all my work done plus I help out my work mate with his work so everything that need to be done was done, we were three day a head, then I cut my hand it wasn’t that bad, but my boss came up to me and said that Arborline will not insurance me any more and I said to him You can’t do that, that is illegal, and he said to me yeah but want are you going to do about it and walk away and I did nothing.

That last dream made me think when I woke up, most of my life I have never really stood up for myself, I’ve alway back down just because I hated conflict, I alway wanted to keep the peace, so I always felt I hardly ever said want I felt I need to say, I hardly ever got my point across even when I was right in the past and I think this has haunted me and I believe that this dream was to remind me to stick up for myself and to get my opinion across in steed of bottling my emotions up and being some ones door mat like I feel I have been done in the past.

It’s funny what I’ve just written is what I wanted to say on the night of the full moon (Shamanic ceremony) but couldn’t put it into words and I felt bad that I didn’t tell them that night and I even told Richard before I leaved that I felt I held back.
I’ve learn today that sooner or later everything will come out all the things you keep to yourself, that you bottle up inside of you, you will share with your friends in time with your spiritual growth and ones you do you will feel better for it and grow that little bit more.
The only way to grow is to share your pain and leave it be hide, because ones you’ve shared your pain you can heal and it will be easier to move on with your spiritual journey.


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