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Ras Vatika and Friends

Josh came up to Auckland, so after I brought my Merlinite Pendant I leaved Crystal Light and drove over to Maria and Richard’s place where Josh was staying, Richard, Josh and I were talking our usual craziness while Maria was working on her art for school, Then Maria, Richard, City, Ciaran, Josh and I went out to Ras Vatika-Indian Vegetarian Cafe (who are Vegan friendly) for dinner, It was a beautiful meal we all love it there, I’l happily go back there again for a meal.
After dinner City went home to bed, The rest of us went back to Maria and Richard’s when we got back Ciaran went to bed and Maria, Richard, Josh and I stayed up for a Shamanic ceremony for the full moon, the full moon looked so amazing too, we all talked for a bit then Maria went off to bed. Richard, Josh and I stayed up talking our usual craziness and we talked of other things too that hit me strait in the heart like a beam of pure light and it meant a lot to me, I feel that all of us have grown that little bit more, It was a beautiful night, that I will aways remember.


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